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Strada Romantica delle Langhe e del Roero
Romantic Points

The Langhe and Roero are a mosaic of numerous landscapes, impossible to be encompassed with a single glance

Il bello di perdersi, l’emozione di ritrovarsi


The eleven panoramic points are perfect places for rest and observation, inviting visitors to take time for themselves to admire the landscape. The Talking tree has leaves with literary passages imprinted on them, while the “romantic bench” invites you to seat and relax.


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Langhe and Roero have become famous for their most precious product: the truffle. It has become a part of the collective imagery, also thanks to important figures such as Gioacchino Rossini, Alfred Hitchcock and Marylin Monroe.

An ancient castle dominates every village of the Langhe and Roero region: the feudal age still survives thanks to many buildings which create a fairy-tale atmosphere.

One of the most beautiful Italian villages where you can enjoy the intense aromas of its wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Arneis and Moscato.

Histories of simple men and women, told in the yearning prose of Beppe Fenoglio, partisan, witness and narrator of a universal suffering, who stopped here to observe the Alba valley

A tiny village set among the woods, is guardian of one of the most spectacular views in the entire territory; the scenic amphitheatre of the mountain chain that runs between Valle d’Aosta and Liguria is balanced by the images of infinite small villages that appear on the plateau

Going up towards the highest hills of the Alta Langa the panorama reveals a covering of luxuriant woods; the people of the Langa have strong ties with them, that has become indissoluble thanks to the respect that they have for nature and its gifts

The village was built in the land of Dolcetto and Barolo between hills and vineyards that offer harmony and quiet.

It was hard work to till the land of Langhe and Roero: the ancestors’ toil made it fruitful and generous thanks to their precious knowledge throughout the seasons, the rhythms of the land and each job, These memories still shape the personality of the local people.

Murazzano is called “Piedmont’s shield and key” because of its strategic position. Its tower is the best well-kept one among the many watchtowers which were built on the Higher Langa hills

Here the view opens out from the Maritime Alps to the perpetual snow of the Monte Rosa. It is said that from some hilltops, on a clear day you can see the shimmering waves of the Ligurian sea.

Camerana is characterized by its old tower (it belonged to the ancient manor house), which was very important for its position, since it was at the crossroads of the most important roads that connected the Piedmontese hinterland with the Ligurian Riviera, along the so called “salt road“.