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Strada Romantica delle Langhe e del Roero

A tour around the stages of Strada Romantica with a professional tour guide who will make you discover the real essence of the territory: history, art, legends and eno-gastronomical traditions.

Step by step. Pedal by pedal. Or even from the top of a hot air baloon over an hills sea. This is how we’ll make you discover the Langhe and Roero because it’s only from different perspectives and hidden paths that you can really get in touch with the soul of a territory.

Località S. Eufemia, 3 12050 Sinio (CN) +39 0173 263986 +39 349 6463783

Via Pallareto, 15 12052 Neive (CN) +39 348 8359862

Via Fossaretto, 6 12042 Bra (CN) +39 371 4287547 +39 333 6941121