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Strada Romantica delle Langhe e del Roero

The village was built in the land of Dolcetto and Barolo between hills and vineyards that offer harmony and quiet.

Medieval origins

Sinio was built in the land of Dolcetto and Barolo between hills and vineyards that offer harmony and quiet. The ancient village, of medieval origins, has a concentric urban conformation divided into four parts which is not common in the Langhe, in which three internal parallel streets are the essential vertical routes, linked transversally by a single street and the square, in which the Church of San Frontiniano stands. The village is dominated by the castle, built on the ruins of a previous manner, destroyed by the Sforza in 1431, it was rebuilt on the wishes of the Del Carretto family, in front of which stands the Chapel of San Sebastiano. The deconsecrated Church of the Madonna Annunziata of the 17th Century is host to the Town Theatre of Sinio.

Stories of the Langa, the Theatre of the Hills

Thanks to the company “Nostro Teatro di Sinio” ancient history and traditions tied to an agricultural past are relived: in particular, every 14 August, in occasion of the “Notte delle masche” (night of the witches) the “legends of the masche” are enacted; they were sorcerers responsible for witchcraft and terrible happenings that populate the stories of the old and the nightmares of children, in satisfaction of the atavistic need of every culture for frightening and feard figures and, to tie the community together and shape popular rules and wisdom.

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Tap the markers on the map to know the location of the village’s buildings and special places. To learn more about their origins and to visit them have a look at the itinerary description. The letters will help you find the correspondences between the marker and the building.

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Town Hall contacts
Telephone 0173 263990

Camper area
Località Fontanette

Marked trails
Anello dei quiri, Anello di Serralunga d’Alba, Sinio-Roddino (www.prolocosinio.it)

Premio Carmelina Brovia e le sue sorelle (April-May); Festa ‘d Sin-i (August); Autunno è… teatro (November-December)