Treiso (from the Latin Terzius) was probably the site of the third mile stone of the Roman road “Magistra Langarum“. It led from Alba Pompeia to the French Provence and some fragments still remain among these hills, birthplace of Publio Elvio Pertinace who became emperor in 193 A.D. (now the name of a hamlet of Treiso).

Besides the classical Baroque style Parish Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Assumption, around the town stand numerous rustic chapels and commemorative pillars, among them the War memorial in remembrance of the heroes of the Resistance.

In autumn in the hills of Treiso, Neive and Barbaresco the Nebbiolo grapes are harvested, from which the renowned Barbaresco wine is made.

Theme of the stop: “Fenoglio’s Hills of the Resistance”

The legend tells of seven blasphemous brothers that, struck by divine fury, fell into the profound gorge of the Rocche dei Sette Fratelli.

But these hills have seen pages of history written under their gazes related to the Italian Resistance during the Second World War. Histories of simple men and women, told in the yearning prose of Beppe Fenoglio, partisan, witness and narrator of a universal suffering, who stopped here to observe the Alba valley, calling Treiso “a village for living in peace“.

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