The name of Mombarcaro has Latin origins: from the Latin mons (hill) and barcari (barbarism, from boats), the hill from which sailing ships and big boats could be seen.

It is an emblematic name for the “top of the Langhe“: here the view opens out from the Maritime Alps to the perpetual snow of the Monte Rosa.

We suggest you visit the historical and ethnographical museum, the Church of San Rocco with the “Cavalcade of the deadly Sins“, the beautiful frescos by Antonio Ocello from Ceva and the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie (in the hamlet of San Luigi).

The surroundings of Mombarcaro will enchant you: the luxuriant countryside, in some places still uncontaminated, is dotted with votive chapels and small villages, which are often made up of a few stone houses along a road.

Theme of the stop: “The sea”

Here thinking about the sea seems impossible: it is hidden by woods and hills, although the Ligurian beaches are quite near.

But from some hilltops, on a clear day you can see the shimmering of the waves. In these hills, which were so poor in the past, the sea was food for the spirit.

With its tales, it fuelled a desire: to plough the waves and cross it for many days, until one reached the land of abundance, “La Merica“.

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