Magliano Alfieri

magliano-alfieriMagliano Alfieri stands for the history of the Roero region: from the ancient Roman age to the feudal time, when the territory was dominated by a few aristocratic families.
Here is the “kingdom” of the Alfieri family, who commissioned the construction of the imposing castle between 1660 and 1680 that dominates the town centre, and which was the residence of one of the most important Italian poets, the young Vittorio Alfieri.

The castle, where you can also find the noble chapel of the Santo Crocefisso, is the property of the town hall. The castle houses the “Museo d’Arti e Tradizioni Popolari“, an interesting ethnographic museum with a characteristic section dedicated to plaster ceilings, which were carried out with a particular building technique which was widespread in farmhouses in the areas of Roero, Asti and Ovada.

Theme of the stop: “Langa and Roero castles”

An ancient castle dominates every village of the Langhe and Roero region: the feudal age still survives thanks to many buildings which create a fairy-tale atmosphere

The fortresses on the hilltops tell the visitors the history of this land through the names of their families, such as Falletti, Roero and Alfieri, and the legends tied to them, as in the case of the Volta Castle of Barolo and the Prunetto Castle, which became the subject of mysterious stories and superstition.

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