The village of Cissone dominates the small wild, wooded valley, hollowed out by the Riavolo torrent. The surrounding woods are crossed by many paths where you can enjoy relaxing walks.

The Roman origin of the village seems to be confirmed by the discovery of a funerary stone now kept in the Town Hall.

The village square is situated among the Brotherhood church of the Disciplinati (with an original Baroque altar), the Town Hall and the Parish Church, and is dominated by the Church dedicated to Santa Lucia. Its massive façade almost clashes with the church’s cosy interior, rich in ancient works by hand of peasant devotion.

Theme of the stop: “The Langa people and land”

An anchovy which hung from the kitchen beams and against which polenta slices were rubbed to be given some flavouring: this is a significant image of the past life in the country, which is often mentioned by the elders when they tell the young generations about the past.

It was hard work to till the land of Langhe and Roero: the ancestors’ toil made it fruitful and generous thanks to their precious knowledge throughout the seasons, the rhythms of the land and each job, from the ploughing to the sowing, from the harvesting to the threshing. These memories still shape the personality of the local people.

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